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    client interests priority. customer satisfaction is our common interests to the interests of sustainable development premise. 
    maintain balance the interests of all parties, so that enterprises, shareholders, customers, employees, partners, social interests of all parties are able to maximize the meet. 

    companies from the full value of knowledge, capital and high-quality staff labor; 
    based on contribution, competence, responsibility and working attitude, and other factors, to take an objective and fair and sustainable development of the principles of distribution; 
    funded by the allocation and use of a combination of distribution according to work to develop opportunities, terms of wages, bonuses, stock, bonus and other benefits, such as the value of the form of distribution. 
concept of talent
    outstanding companies will nurture and attract the best staff, outstanding employees and the company will develop more outstanding; 
    our efforts to create conditions to allow talent; 
    employing principles: equal emphasis leaders and political institutions, employment director. 
management concept
    management objectives: the best, make the best use; 
    management principles: the decision-making process more scientific and authority of the implementation, management institutionalized; 
    management elements: scientific formulation of the plan, a stringent process control. 
conept competiton
    enterprise development, as competition is the key to maintaining long-lasting vitality lies; 
    provide fair opportunities for competition, adoption of fair criteria for selection;