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anhui east china sea machine tool construction the limited company in the intense market competition, can realize develops with steady steps, what depending on is take the market as the guidance, take the quality as the life, take the technological innovation as the backing. studies the market at the same time, does not forget to stress the quality, and by the unceasing funding invested, guarantees the technical transformation project the success implementation, thus improved the product quality, expanded the market share. wins the market by the product quality. my factory advocation quality first, quality supreme thought. sends the magic weapon which the quality as the market wins, has drawn up the strict quality check measure, enters the plant from raw material to start, to implement checks at each level the system, product quality many years enhances stably, improves unceasingly. we make every effort take the country industrial policy as the guidances, watch out for and thorough engine bed development industry new thought that recent development, new trend. stands in the time front row, traces the accurate market the pulse, take the existing product as the foundation, the expanded field of vision, the deep research, expands the investment, the development suits the new path which our country construction undertaking develops.  the company excellent surroundings, the working condition is good, the technical force is abundant, the market potential is huge, we welcome the domestic and foreign merchants, the guest to carry on the economy or technology the interflow and cooperation zealously, makes the contribution hand in hand for the national construction, east china sea machine tool construction the limited company by “to stress the good faith, the heavy tar quantity” the idea, will create the construction of the fatherland enterprise's magnificent future!